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Hurley Democratic Committee Endorsements    

Endorsed Candidates for Town Offices


These candidates care deeply about the environment and our town, democracy in our nation, and believe in sound fiscal policy that keeps our town healthy without neglecting essential services.






     Vote for all 3 candidates in the June primary!


Endorsed candidates for the

Hurley Democratic Committee

What ED (Election District) do you live in? 

click on the Maps page. 


ED1    Ellen Mulkerin
ED1    Peter Humphries
ED2    Jana Martin
ED2    Joe Letendre
ED3    Cindy Bishop
ED3    Aaron Waldner
ED4    Peter McKnight
ED4    Gregory Simpson
ED5    Margaret Carey
ED5    Tobe Carey
ED6    Zahava Wilson
ED6    Bruce Ginsberg
ED7    Patricia "Annie" Reed
ED7    Melinda McKnight
ED8    Nancy Garnau 
ED8    William McKnight


       Vote for both persons in your ED in the June Primary

 By supporting Hurley Democratic Committee endorsed candidates and committee members you can be sure you are supporting Democrats supporting Democrats! 

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