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Read it Here First

Thanks to our Wonderful Volunteers!

Zahava Wilson and the wonderful team of  volunteers helped get the vote out in Hurley during our last election!  Our committee runs on the volunteer energy and we are so appreciative of the work so many have put in to make our town a better place to live!

We meet via Zoom

...monthly both for the sake of our members' health and to make it easier to get on the meeting with our busy lives  - for more information contact us!

Our Committee...

consists of 2 members for each of Hurley's 8 Election Districts

for a total of 16 Committee members.

In addition, there are 2 Associate members and counting. 

You can attend meetings without being a member of the Committee if you are a Registered Democrat.

If you wish to become a Committee member you can ask for a call or meeting with our Chairman, George Rodenhausen.

Either way, just use the Contact Us form on the home page.

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