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Welcome to the Hurley Dems Website
Our Goal is to Elect Hurley's Democratic Candidates 
in the November Elections
Hurley is fortunate to have such a dedicated team of public servants currently at the helm. 

Melinda McKnight, Peter Humphries, Gregory Simpson and Annie Reed are working tirelessly to bring positive change to our town after years of neglect.
Our Democratic Candidates 

Their Accomplishments!

The Hurley Democratic Committee

We're a group of Democrats committed to making our town, state and nation

a better place by electing quality candidates to office. 

Our Committee members, Public Officials and our Volunteers work together to be sure we are

"Getting It Done" for Hurley - Join us!

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Some of Our Great Members!

Hurley Dems at Sajaa's June 2021 - Cropped.jpg
Some great people coming together to ensure a responsive town government for Hurley

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