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ACCOMPLISHMENTS by our Democratic candidates!


From improving efficiencies to keep taxes low, to fixing the problems at the old landfill and ensuring the town’s boards are provided with proper legal counsel, the Democratic incumbents have already made vast improvements to the way town government is run.


KEEPING TAXES LOW – By improving efficiencies and investing in expertise to avoid the costly litigation that resulted under previous administrations.

TRANSPARENCY - Updated the town’s website and improved social media presence and filled the new position of Public Information Officer to ensure communications are provided to the public and news media consistently.

PRESERVING OUR TOWN – By creating a Zoning Task Force to address issues with the code and starting the process of updating the Town Comprehensive Plan including collecting surveys and holding community meetings.

Approved and put in place a short-term rental application process; hired a consultant to identify rental sites throughout the town and assist with concerns about them.

OLD LANDFILL/LEACHATE SYSTEM - Continued corrective action with engineers and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation; complied with state testing and reporting requirements.

EMPLOYEE SAFETY - Moved Highway Department employees to a temporary facility with a healthy, safe work environment until a new garage is established.

LIABILITY PROTECTION - Ensured all town-owned properties and structures are covered by insurance.

Addressed concerns raised by the town’s insurance carriers about various issues that expose the town to potential liability (i.e. added cybersecurity insurance, and added Transfer Station structures and trailer to the insurance policy).

Ensured all boards are provided with proper legal counsel to mitigate potential for litigation whenever possible and to avoid procedural pitfalls.


Hurley Dems Getting it Done!

Melinda McKnight

Peter Humphries

Gregory Simpson

Annie Reed 

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